Grace Lillian Lee | Moa Island
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Moa Island

Moa Island


In May 2017, Grace travelled to Moa Island in the Torres Straits to work with the school children located in the Kubin; a town made up of a population of 100 people. Here Grace engaged the children in exploring the development of creating their own patterns being inspired by their surrounding. This was translated into fabric painting where the children created their own vibrant designs. These were finished off with the addition of beading and accessories.

The two-week workshop was also instrumental in engaging the wider community. Families of the children helped with painting and beading and putting together the communities first ever fashion performance at the end of the fortnight. The children also worked with renowned dancer and model Hans Awang from Moa Island who taught them skills in movement and drumming that made the fashion performance even more unique and unforgettable.

As a result of the collaboration of Grace and the community of Moa Island, the school children will be flown to Cairns to open the 5th annual Cairns Indigenous Art Fair Fashion Performance in July 2017.